I’ve been watching several farm videos on YouTube (Found Here) and I think I’d like to own 200 acres. Why? Sustainability. Feed my family, friends, and sell the rest as a small business.  My grandfather on my mom’s side and my great grandparents on my mom’s grandmother’s side owned land and had a farm. It makes so much sense to be able to be self-sustained. Why? You’re not dependent on others for food. I see you can’t grow everything but you can grow the things that are essential and you can trade/barter the rest with.

I see I have to problem solve now. Where to get 200 acres lol, much more where do I come up with the funds for 200 acres. Ahh, gotta think of the location too. Maybe you can help me get started by making a donation? (Click Here)

On the farm, I look to grow chickens, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, kale, whoa… this seems like its getting carried away. So one can probably cover all one needs to sustain oneself with 4 acres or so. Why 200? Renewable energy. I can put the extra power that is generated on the grid and generate revenue for that work. 200 acres is a big responsibility, I can manage it though. 

I can build office space and a sound stage for my small business. There is something about leaving an inheritance for your children’s children, I’d like to see that fulfilled Lord willing. #wellsee

Web Hosting is another venture I’m into and there’s nothing like having your own data center where you host customer’s websites. I like the sound of that. This is a goal and now I must figure out how to make it happen. I will pray to the Lord about it and begin to think of ways to make it happen. Lord willing you’ll get some feedback on the goal being accomplished. Next step, research.