Its a new day, or at least another Friday depending on how you look at it. Today for some is the beginning of the weekend while for others its just another day, how do you look at today? I started today reading the bible, learning more about wisdom. I have learned that she is my sister, or at least that is how I am taught to look at wisdom. Here is a verse to check out:

(CLV) Pr 7:4
Say to wisdom, You are my sister, And |call › understanding your near relative,

Isn’t that pretty cool? To call wisdom your sister? When I think of wisdom as a sister I think of her as the sister I never had. Things become a lot more involved when we view wisdom. I’d like to share this also:

(CLV) Pr 8:11
For wisdom is better than rubies, And all delights are not |equal to her.

You know it is better to know than not to know I believe and this scripture can inspire one to wonder “is wisdom better than riches”, I believe so according to what I have read and here is why. Say you’re the kind of person who goes to the supermarket all the time to buy your favorite food and you have a parcel of land you can grow something on. What if the cost of tomatoes goes up so much where you have to decide…buy an expensive tomato or not. Wisdom could compel you to grow your own on the parcel of land you own or even in your house. Is that possible? Yep, “wisdom, your are my sister.”

(CLV) Pr 8:12
I, wisdom, I tabernacle with prudence, And I |keep hold of knowledge and foresight.

Wouldn’t be the best thing in the world to have a sister who says this and be connected to her? This is why its good to say “wisdom, you are my sister.” at least to me because I need knowledge and foresight in this world we live in. I don’t know everything but to have wisdom as a sister makes things a little better. Look at this next cool verse…

(CLV) Pr 8:13
The fear of Yahweh means to hate- evil; Pride and pomp and the way of evil And a mouth of duplicity I hate.

Hmm, I have evil and there is a raging battle within me because of the sinful nature that is within me, it’s in all of us and not of our own doing (Adam & Eve), in saying that we have hope through Jesus as the word teaches us, that’s where I place my hope.

(CLV) Pr 8:14
Counsel and sagacity are mine; I have understanding; mastery is mine.

Wow!! my sister… is wisdom your sister too? Our sister is really cool.

(CLV) Pr 8:15
By me kings |reign, And chancellors| make |statutes of righteousness.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point, wisdom is cool, wisdom is dope, wisdom is grand, wisdom is awesome!

As you read through proverbs 7 and 8 we see the author is also teaching us to avoid an adulterous woman, fast forward to today and we still have to live by the same golden standard. Adultery is not something God wants us to fall into which is why there are many passages that teach us to avoid it. There is a lot of good reading in proverbs in the bible, as we journey forward I’ll continue to share some time to time.

One last fascinating thing about wisdom:

(CLV) Pr 8:17
I/ |love those who love| me, And those who meek me early|, they |find me.

(CLV) Pr 8:18
Riches and glory are »with me, Boundless wealth and righteousness.

(CLV) Pr 8:19
My fruit is better than fine gold, +even more than glittering gold, And my yield is more than choice| silver.

(CLV) Pr 8:20
In the path of righteousness I |walk, In the midst of the tracks of right judgment,

(CLV) Pr 8:21
To allot prosperity to those loving me, So +that I |fill their treasuries.

(CLV) Pr 8:22
Yahweh Himself acquired me as the beginning of His way; Preceding His deeds of yore.

(CLV) Pr 8:23
From the eon was I inaugurated, From the beginning,  preceding the earth;

(CLV) Pr 8:24
When there were no abysses I was travailed in birth, When there were no springs teeming with water.

(CLV) Pr 8:25
i Ere the mountains were sunk in place, Before the hills, I was travailed in birth,

(CLV) Pr 8:26
When He had not yet made the earth and its open places, +Or the beginning of soil for the habitance.

(CLV) Pr 8:27
iWhen He established- the heavens I was there, When He delineated- the horizon on the face of the abyss,

(CLV) Pr 8:28
When He made the skies firm f above, When He set the springs of the abyss with strength-,

(CLV) Pr 8:29
When He established- for the sea its statutory limit, So +that the waters, they may not pass beyond His bidding, When He delineated- the foundations of the earth.

(CLV) Pr 8:30
+Then I |bwas beside Him as His foster child, And I |was filled with bliss day by day, Gamboling before Him in every season,

(CLV) Pr 8:31
Gamboling in the habitance of His earth, And my bliss was »in the sons of humanity.

(CLV) Pr 8:32
Now +then, my sons, hearken to me; + Happy are those who |keep my ways.

(CLV) Pr 8:33
Hearken to admonition, and be wise; + Do not |renounce it.

(CLV) Pr 8:34
Happy is the human who hearkens| to me, › Being alert- on my doors day by day, › Keeping- watch at the jambs of my portals.

(CLV) Pr 8:35
For whoever finds| me will find life And shall gain hold of benevolence from Yahweh.

(CLV) Pr 8:36
Yet whoever misses| me wrongs| his soul; All who hate| me love death.

Until next time, be encouraged in Jesus.

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