Hey I’m StedoCli, I’m originally from the Bronx, New York. That’s where I was born and raised in part. I’ve lived on both the east coast and west coast and live in Atlanta. There are many reasons this website has be created one of which to pay off my student loans. That’s my motivation and also to provide for my household, that’s another. My wife likes to travel and has been many places outside of the country. My first trip outside the country with her was to Australia, I’ll share that with you soon.

I like technology and gaming and running a business. To run a business successfully you have to have a good team, whether they’re contractors, employees, or 

freelancers. They have to be paid and

 those coins don’t grow from trees. I think I can raise enough funds to kick start my venture ideas into second gear. I read a story about a lawyer who works full time named Kevin Ha who has like 13, I have a couple. With the rest I want to explore music, acting, and be a successful small business owner. I currently have a small business but it doesn’t have any start up capital and is cash based. Some say I should quit it and get a real job working for someone else to build up capital for it but if I do that I am afraid I will get comfortable. But with my new side hustle maybe I can generate some income this way, what do you think? As we journey we’ll get to see what happens, yah? Lets do this. stedocli-young