I must share with you an important note. A fact was revealed to me many people may not know or have decided to overlook. The earth we live on, it belongs to God. In its entirety the earth belongs to God. Everything on earth belongs to God, including humanity. It was all created through Jesus for Jesus. 

Everything we see in life has a creator. The house or apartment you live in was created by someone. The car you drive in or airplane you fly in has an author, a creator. The food you eat was created by someone. We as people didn’t evolve from monkeys or sea organisms something out of the sea but people will exercise their free will and believe what they believe. 

Free will allows God to see the character of our hearts. Life is a narrative and we’re at a certain point right next to the end of it. What does that mean?

The End Will Come When God says He’s Had Enough

It is true when God has decided he wants to take back what is rightfully his it will happen. God created gravity, the very thing we live by. God transcends what he created for he is Sovereign over His creation. He has the ability to dwell or earth and operate on earth. Facts from God are facts whether we want to believe them or not. He created the heavens and the earth and everything in them. Mars? He created it.

On that fast-approaching day when He says it is time, he will send Jesus, and Jesus will appear in the sky as prophesied. To prepare the earth and heaven for a reformatting. What does that mean for everyone on earth? Decision time. 

God wants people on earth to repent of their sins, believe in Jesus,  and receive Jesus as their Lord and savior. He wants us, his creation to love him of our own free will. The thing about that is he won’t force us to love him or his son. 

Savior from what?

Jesus can save us from eternal condemnation and separation from God. He can save us from the wages of our sins which is death. #GodsLaw

God is holy and we as his creation by nature are sinful. This is because of the decisions of our ancestors Adam and Eve. We can see this in the things we do today. We cannot stand before God on our own merit and prove to be righteous in comparison to him. It is written all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We all will face judgment sooner than we think the actions we’ve committed, both good and bad. 

Where we spend eternity is all dependent on who Jesus is to us. If he is our savior we will get to spend eternity in the new heaven and earth. If you believe he was just a prophet or some fictional character your faith will send you to Ghenna. Trust in Jesus, you don’t want to be sent there. 



Sin 101