Ccan you help me out on my quest to destroy my student debt? The best way to do this I am thinking is using something I have in exchange. I am talking music. For you to even taking a moment of your time and check out the page and consider helping out I’d like to give you a free music track I created. It’s pretty cool I think and there will be more to come as I am going to look at using it as a means to help me conquer this challenge. Please share this page with your fam and friends and hopefully they can help out. Another way you can help out is utilizing some of the services I provide with my small business. I do web design, app development, digital marketing. It’s pretty hard competing with big companies who advertise locally. Our budgets aren’t equal but with your help and the Lord’s we will continue to progress and grow. You can help me also by promoting my website: Thanks for your support.

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