There are so many benefits to reading and applying the Bible to one’s life. God wants a relationship with you and me, his creation and he gives everyone an opportunity to learn about him throughstedo-22 his Word. This is all made possible by his living son Jesus the anointed aka “Christ”. Over 2,000 years ago he came to earth with a mission, to do his father’s will. We commemorate his coming on December 25th… Christmas.

He gave his life on a cross for the sins of the world. When you think about the magnitude of that statement I hope it gives you goosebumps. The sins from the beginning of time all the way to the end he atoned for with his blood… wow. What does this mean? Everyone who believes in him will be saved. John 3:15 This is so newsworthy as it is hope for the entire world. 

Through Jesus and him only are we able to have a relationship with God. We may hear there are many ways to God but the truth is that is not correct as there is only one way. We see Jesus speak in John 14:6 “Jesus is saying to him, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. Not one is coming to the Father except through Me.”

Do you want a relationship with the creator of the heavens and the earth and everything in it? Jesus makes that possible for all who confess with their mouth and believe in their heart he is the living son of God and that God raised him from the dead. Did you know the earth is God’s footstool? He created the earth and dwelled on earth, it is his prized possession. He is going to return soon to claim what is his and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop his return.

There is a lot of talk about metaverse which sounds similar to the universe in which we live in. In order for there to be a metaverse, someone has to create it/them. In order for there to be a house, car, boat, train, smartphone someone has to create them. Often we lift up entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs who co-created Apple or Bill Gates who created Microsoft. We lift up artists like Little Nas X or Billy Elish who create/write music. We give them credit for creating something and a piece of work is acknowledged by recording bodies and the library of congress. The earth we live on, it too has a creator. His name is Yahweh… God. 

He created a wonderful thing when he created the earth and we, its inhabitants have enjoyed the fruits of his labor since the beginning of time. Oh yeah, he created that too.

To you be the glory God for creating earth! 

When you look at the book of revelations you will learn that there is going to be a new heaven and earth combined. They were separated in the beginning because of what our ancestors Adam and Eve did. Earth as we know it is going to be reformatted and made new. More information is found in the book of Revelations written by John. 

The bible was not created to control people, it acts as a guide, historical account, and allows us to learn about God. He gives all free will to believe or not believe in him and his son.

Whether we want to believe in him or not does not take away from the fact He and his son are real.

Did you know that God is holy? What does that mean? It means he is good and he is alone. As people, we often strive to do “good” things, what are some of those good things? Helping others, giving to charity, community service, helping our parents and elders, and anything classified as “good” we can think of. But there is a hard truth that remains, God is the standard and he alone is good. Look at what Jesus said in Mark 10:17-18 And at His going out into the road, lo! one certain rich man, running toward Him and falling on his knees before Him, inquired of Him, “Good Teacher! What shall I be doing that I should be enjoying the allotment of life eonian?” Now Jesus said to him, “Why are you terming Me good? Not one is good except One, God.”

He is the standard.

We are incapable of being good though we want to really bad. 

Do you want eternal life in the new heaven and earth? Put your faith in Jesus.

There is a lot more to share so check back. If you have questions feel free to look me up and share on social media.