I hope this information on how to fight COVID-19 is helpful to you. I want COVID-19 gone like everyone and I see this post as part of my efforts to stop the spread of COVID 19. 

If you get a covid-19 shot there is 0 liability if something happens to you or you die, that’s unfortunate. Sure the vaccines have helped millions of people but vaccinated people have still gotten the virus and are spreading it. It’s also sounding like you’ll need booster shots to really make the vaccines work. Two questions, how often and for how long ??!?

Side effects, yeah that comes with any man-made vaccine and it’s a risk you take or you’re going to have to take if you get a COVID-19 shot. Are there other alternatives that can give people better peace of mind and provide the same and/or better results with less risk of complications and death? Yes.


Since the beginning of COVID-19, I see that the Lord has kept his hedge of protection around me and my wife. We’re not special but we did ask him in Jesus’ name to keep us safe and allow us to not get the virus. We socially distance and have worn our masks when going to essential places like the grocery store. The results are remarkable, he is worthy of praise and we recommend you put your faith in Jesus. I can only speak from my perspective. 

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I hear there is a significant value in Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Quercetin, Zinc, Melatonin, Gargle, Gargle/Mouthwash, and Ivermectin as a just in case COVID kit. 


Let’s take a look here at Ivermectin. There are all kinds of benefits from taking the oral otc version prescribed by your doctor. Look at this article: https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/ 

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Of the three I depend most heavily on God, I look at Ivermectin as a just-in-case and look to get my vitamins in.