So my situation continues to progress and today has been a good friday. Exploring the world of machine learning because it’s pretty cool and I can imagine a couple of ml agents helping complete tasks making me more efficient. It’s interesting to look back at movies like minority report, irobot, terminator, and look where we are today. watched a couple of videos of Elon Musk talk about AI, watched some Boston Dynamics, Waymo, etc and where things are heading are interesting.

I am committing to the Lord what I do so my plans will succeed. The thing is figuring out how it will all come together, thinking about the fastest way to get out of my financial situation and I think one of the solutions is ML (Machine Learning). In areas, I see I am not as efficient as a machine that learns a task, sure it takes a moment to learn but once it has it down the task is done with efficiency. I can see why the argument that autonomous cars drive better than people.

Just taking it all in

My goal as a minority is to figure out how we can also utilize ML to help us do better than we are, yes a lot of answers fall into education and also who you know. That’s one thing I heard in college that will always have significance.

Robots are consistent (that’s mostly true)friday-stedocli

I forget things sometimes but to have a ML agent there to help me be more efficient would be a good thing to have. Think of a king, if he has a council to help him wade through heavy decisions it is to his advantage. Proverbs 15:22 says “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed.”

What Robots don’t have

Robots don’t have a soul, we were given a soul by God. He has also given us free will. We can do this or that or go here or there. If we’re born in a situation that isn’t favorable we can flee to another country where we think the quality of life will be better. We could also adapt and strategize to help ourselves, our family, and friends manage in a situation that overall isn’t the best situation to be in. I know someone is thinking that somewhere in the world.

we can give a robot an ability to function and carry out a task but that’s it. What’s its purpose in life? is what a person will program it to do. Now if the robot is programmed to exist and thrive by any means it may very well see humans or other robots as a threat. That’s where some serious thought has to go into how to mitigate that potential.

Don’t want to be rich just well resourced

In order to be a sustainable source we have to succeed. My goal isn’t to be rich but to be a resource. In order to create and complete a project, there have to be funds. It is true our team will come from many walks of life. Chances are many will have student loan debt and we can’t stand student debt, combined it takes years to get free of and affects immediate family and friends. With us being successful that’s one of the issues that can be addressed. If I could have talked to myself when I was 18 I probably would have said avoid the student loans. But I see now as I plan to help myself I aim to help others on my team get out as well.

Let the learning begin and continue

I enjoy playing rts video games but they’ve taken somewhat of a backseat as I strive to make this a reality. Let’s go for it! Enjoy your weekend. #thankfulforJesus