Since you stopped by I wanted to ask you if have you heard of the good news of Jesus? Before you exercise your free will by staying and reading further or leaving I want you to know I wrote this post because life transcends business. This is not a religious piece but a piece about how God wants an actual relationship with you, me, and all of humanity. You may or may not have heard of him and either way I want to share with you the love He has for you and me, his creation. As you can see all around us with the good and bad things happening in humanity he gives us free will to which we act on.

Some people use their free will for good and others for bad, this is why things happen to people good and bad. Have you heard of “loving your neighbor as yourself” or doing to others what you want them to do to you? We all have an opportunity to do so or not and whatever the consequences come as a result come. The good news of Jesus is about a man like us who came to earth many years ago with all of us in mind. He lived a perfect life and was accused by his race (The Jews) of doing wrong but he was innocent, he is the living son of God. He allowed himself to be condemned to death to be able to allow people like you and me to have a real relationship with God, this was his mission.

He completed his mission in two ways, giving his life on a pole for our sins and rising from the dead in three days afterward. Where is he now? He is at the right hand of Yahweh interceding for everyone who believes in him, from this generation to before us and after until his return to earth.

Why did he come? God wants a relationship with his creation, that’s what we are. Think about the car you drive or the home you live in, someone built them they have a creator. The plane you fly on was created by someone, the clothes you wear were created by someone and you give them credit as the creator. In the same essence, the earth we live on the stars, and the universe were created by someone. His name is Yahweh.

So this is how it worked, Adam and Eve were the first humans… our ancestors. They did not listen to God when he gave them specific instructions not to eat from a particular tree he designated as off-limits. Satan (The Adversary) cunningly questioned Eve and convinced her to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and she in turn convinced Adam. As a result, mankind’s relationship with God was broken and mankind was kicked out of the garden of Eden. We inherited their sin but God had a redemption plan for us through his living son Jesus Christ.

He sent him into the world through Miriam and Joseph and he experienced humanity and saw what we have to deal with. God’s objective was to have him give his life and sacrifice his blood on the pole to make atonement for the sins of all who believe in his son Jesus and that God raised him from the dead. What does this do for you and me? Well, this earth is not ours, it belongs to God and he is ready to come back and take possession of what is his. The earth and heavens are going to be made new and combined so that God, our creator will walk on earth and dwell with his creation. He is holy and he cannot dwell amongst anyone who is not holy and that means all who do not believe in Jesus will experience a second death in the lake of sulfur (Gehenna). I am telling you, you don’t want to experience this, this is why… you weren’t meant to live forever that’s how you were designed. We were created in God’s image, all of us. Where you spend eternity is a free-will decision you have to make.

God’s word teaches us all have sinned and are wanting the glory of God. His word also says there is none righteous no not one. Who is the standard of righteousness? God of course. Can we earn our way to heaven where there is no sickness, death, mourning, pain, drama, etc? No. Salvation is a free gift through faith in God’s living son Jesus Christ. If you are not aware we all will face judgment in the end and those who have not placed their faith in Jesus have no good enough defense that will prove their case on why they deserve to live in the new earth and heaven. It’s better to take the free gift and exercise your faith and trust in Jesus.

The free gift of salvation through Jesus is available to everyone no matter your race, culture, language, or moral history. God calls us to repent of our sins (turn away from them) and receive Jesus as Lord and savior. We must confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts Jesus is the living son of God and God raised him from the dead. To further prove our commitment God calls us to be baptized in Jesus. From there it is good for us to find a church that is biblically sound and has godly leadership at the head. Note: There are a lot of PC (politically correct) churches that are aligning with world views on moral issues God does not support and we align with God’s living Word on what is right and wrong.

Again God is the standard of what is good, right, and just. Why share this? Because if you see danger down the road you’re doing the right thing to warn people of the impending danger. You’re not going to come here and be able to say you never heard about the good news of Jesus which can save you. You have free will which God gave you and it is up to you to exercise that free will to either receive the free gift of God through faith in Jesus or reject it. If I were in your shoes and I had not heard about the love of God I’d really want to know about it. I would thank you in eternity for sharing it with me because as a result of you sharing the good news with me, I get to live in the new heaven and earth with God, Jesus, and the heavenly assembly. If you’d like to learn more about salvation and the next steps feel free to reach out.

In closing, I have one question for you… Have you heard?


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