I am here briefly to share with you some really good news. With so much infection and death all around us hearing some good news can help the spirit. It is written: Anxiety in a man’s heart shall bow it down, Yet a good word shall make it rejoice. Proverbs 12:25

Here is a good word for you, Jesus cares about you. God cares for you. My point is going to be historical in that some of what I will talk about happened long before you and I were born. It’s like hearing about Super Bowl 1, The Roman Empire, World War 2, Vietnam, The Iraq War. 

The earth we live on, it’s not ours. It belongs to someone. The mortgage on your house, it belongs to someone. The house you purchased belonged to someone, someone had to build/create it. The earth belongs to God and He is returning soon to reclaim it. The good news is like many before me I am sending you notice so you can prepare through Jesus. God wants a relationship with you and it is the sole reason He sent his son to earth, for those who in their free will make the decision to believe in his son Jesus.

Have you ever believed in something to the point you’re sure of what you hope for and certain of what you don’t see? You may have gone to college, your freshman day is a good example. You went in faith believing you’d graduate one day.  The career you are in, were you born into it? The house you have, did you always have it? You exercised your faith thinking you would have it before you did and your actions backed up your faith and today you are where you are.

Me and you, we were separated from God because of the decisions of our ancestors Adam and Eve. There is great news though, God is a problem solver and that is why he sent Jesus. The problem was we the people were separated from him because of our sins and he wants to be in relationship with us. His solution was to send his only begotten son years ago to come down from heaven and give his life for our sins. A blood offering. Jesus laid down His life and took it back up in three days completing God’s plan for you and me. What was that plan? To give us the opportunity to have an eternal relationship with him if we want to. #freewill

This act transcends life as people know it on every continent and island.

Think of the car you drive, who created it? Think of the house, condo, apartment, Tent, RV you live in. Who created those? Someone did and just as that is so, the earth was created by God. 

Here are some comforting scriptures for you to think on:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Christ reclaims us from the curse of the law, becoming a curse for our sakes, for it is written, Accursed is everyone hanging on a pole,  Ga 3:13

that the blessing of Abraham may be coming to the nations in Christ Jesus, that we may be obtaining the promise of the Spirit through faith. Ga 314

This is comforting to hear because despite what we’re going through right now we have real hope, Jesus.