During this post I’d like to share an idea or two on how to blog like a champion and make a living at it. I’m not the first nor will I be the last blogger but depending on who you are and your life experiences you might be looking to share your experiences with others. That is a good idea especially if it can help others navigate the ups and down of life and benefit. Why not share your experience and make a living at it. There are many notable bloggers who are doing what we dream of.

Now it’s time to bring your dreams into reality. Let’s put that imagination of yours to work. If you’re someone like me looking for ways to have more control over your time to do the things you enjoy creating a blog is a step in the right direction. Want to travel to a cool destination or spend more time with your family or friends?

Below are some services you’ll need to construct your blog.

An idea

An idea and motivation are two things you need to get you off and going on creating a blog. You’ll also need someone who has experience if you’re not familiar with how to start one, that’s why you have me here to help you out : )

When blogging you have decide do you want to do content development vlogging which is video content or a combination of both.

You’ll need A domain name

a domain name is like your brand name, its how people will remember where to find your content. When choosing a domain name write down a couple and narrow down your choices to the grand finalist. If you need help feel free to ask for some insight from family, friends, or even me. I don’t mind helping out. Where can you get a domain name? Boppeshoppe.com, they have the good prices for domain names and 24/7 customer support. I recommend them because I am the owner, who better than to blog right?

An SSL and Web Hosting

In addition to a domain name you’re going to need two vital things that will help you with your blog, an ssl and web hosting. The purpose of the ssl certificate is to encrypt your website. If you’re selling something on your website and people are sharing sensitive information you’re gonna need to protect it, its your fiduciary duty since it is your website people are purchasing or sending sensitive information on it. The next and more important service you’re going to need is web hosting. I recommend StewHosting.com because we’re supporting a local small business. The services is top notch and if you have any questions you can reach out and get the help you need.

WordPress on StewHosting

According to WpBeginner WordPress powers 27% of all websites. I think recommending this as your go to platform is good and I use it so I am a valuable resource to you. Stew Hosting has a one button setup to get you going in a snap. If you need help please let me know by commenting below. You get custom service and if you have any questions we’ll be there to help.

Monetization (making money from your blog)

This segment is meant to show you how your content is going to pay off for you. Blogging is not a get rich over night scheme, it can position some people faster than others to succeed. How will you monetize your website? There are several options, you can allow Google Adsense onto your website at the beginning and as you grow your fanbase you can branch out and do business directly with businesses who want to advertise on your website.

If you get something around 1000 visitors a month its good to start out small before you reach out to try and get sponsors on your own. If you have like 5,000 a month and up I think you have a little more clout and data to reach out to established businesses and solicit them yourself. That may require a sales rep but hey you’re creating a job. If you use Google Adsense you can embed their code on your blog and they have it now where you don’t have to do much else. If you get caught up please reach out to me and I’d be more than happy to help, I can do some blog coaching to make sure you’re good to go.

In addition to adsense I have also joined the amazon affiliate program. I’ve shared with my family and friends I am an affiliate and asked them to support me and I’ve gotten 5 people who have purchased through here so far. I’m still a noob at the affiliate game so I will keep you posted on how that’s going. Some people become affiliates and sell things both physical and digital, you’ve got to decide which is the better fit for what you want to do with your website.

You can search affiliate programs you can join if that’s what you want to do but do your research if a site you want to join says its costs. Just be careful, if you’re unsure msg me and I will try to provide sound advice. Start with reviews of the affiliate you’re looking at joining.

Share your posts

The best place to share you posts are on social media and other sites

Linkbacks are also helpful in getting your website ranked with keywords relating to topics you’re writing about so be sure to reach out to other sites that are in your sphere and communicate.

Here are some intangibles to keep in mind running your blog:

Customer Service

You’re a brand and your audience will appreciate good customer service. How does this translate when you’re not a business? Like so, someone comments on something you wrote and you respond, its that simple. Engaging with your audience is apart of gcs (good customer service)


Yep, it’s going to take a lot of discipline to stay constant in writing and adding content to your website. A valuable tip which I have no problem directing you or helping out with is scheduling your posts so you can breathe a little easier when it comes to staying consistent. Ever have writers block or 0 motivation to write anything? That’s likely to happen as the environment around us can influence how we feel, shout out to the hard core writers who go at it not matter what.

A part of being consistent is coming up with a scheduled plan and sticking to the plan. if you write 7 posts at 500 words a piece and stagger their release that can help for those dry seasons where you’re taking a break from writing.


Its good to be connected with people who are doing what you’re doing, nothing like a support group. If you dont have one and need one, join me : )

We shall spur each other on.

Share a saying you’ve heard: “If at first you don’t succeed try and try again. There is truth to that saying, success takes effort.

I bet you think I’m on content fumes right now and I can say I have a little left in the tank. Write and keep writing, dont over think it and just write and share your experience. Until next time.