Have you ever done something that after thinking about it you’re like “what was I thinking”? Have you gotten mad with yourself and you’re like argh!! why did I do that? Welcome to life, you’re human. We’re not saying make excuses and cling to those and continue to make those same mistakes, rather we’re saying show yourself grace. Learn from your mistakes and work to do better. Here is an example. I have a drone and I am on my second phone because my first phone fell on some rocks and got messed up. I ended up getting another used phone and kept my phone case on the phone. Not very far after I was blessed to get a mini drone. Well, the drone controller requires me to put my phone in the cradle but it won’t fit with the phone cover on it. 

Problem-solving I said let me take the phone cover off and sure enough the phone fit snugly. The cover I got for the phone is a two-piece and a pain to take off and put on every time I want to fly the drone. Solution… remove the phone cover and try to be even more careful as to not drop the phone. #recipefor…

Well, today happened. I needed to go to the store for the misses and my car did not start because it was sitting in the garage. #weakbattery  I drove my wife’s car to go to the store. I had the phone out of the cover and when I got back the phone fell on the floor. #battledamage

A part of me was angry at myself but what could I do? Looks like I’m going to have to show myself grace and be more careful. Life continues on. The phone works good, the edge is a little rough on the fingers. #careful