It was a nice and warm Saturday yesterday so me and G decided it would be a good to get on the water with our inflatable kayak. I’m still sorting out if this picture will show but we manage is the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. We drove to Lake Alatoona and began our journey at the dock on red top mountain, that’s what the area is called.On the way there we did run into spring break traffic but we did alright time wise. 

This was the first time we used the new kayak on the water and I had the honor of inflating it. There were 5 compartments (2 boston valves) I had to inflate but it wasn’t too hard as I like figuring things out, who needs instructions haha. Ok so I did look things over to make sure I understood what I was doing. I actually inflated the kayak in our living room to make sure everything was good to go. I used a air mattress pump with an inverter which made life that much better. 

Its Spring Time

The kayak was simple and the only part I had to attach were the inflatable seats and the removable skeg (upside down fin). G put together the paddles so setup time could be anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on how you’re feeling and if you have someone helping you put things together.

The handles on the kayak were well thought out as we have another kayak and we have to carry it in a weird kind of way to get it to the water. We walked the kayak down to the mini doc and set the kayak in the water and G got in first with her handy water bottle and then I handed her the paddle. I got in and then it was time to take on the open waters, woohoo!

Its Kayak Time!


We got a new kayak because we want to be able to take friends and family out on the water and do something different they may not have done before. My first inflatable kayak I bought is red and it doesn’t have a skeg so when some of our friends went out with it they had to focus on keeping the kayak in one direction than we did. Now you might say we they should have had the better of the two and you might have a point.

Ultimately we purchased another kayak with a skeg so when we go out all parties have one unless we need to take the red kayak out also lol. We don’t have a boat (would be nice in the future )though we have learned you can rent boats at lake Alatoona and we saw this as reachable activity being the kayak didn’t cost a lot.

Enter Turtle Rock

It was a little windy and the water was choppier than we’ve seen. Add the fact that boats with engines were doing their thing and we turned into the direction of their waves and you have some cool adventure. As we we’re going out further we decided to go a route we hadn’t gone before at G’s thinking. She’s called G because she’s the secretive type in terms of allowing her information to be found on the internet and I’m cool with that. 

The route we went by had what looked like a rock turtle, you ever look at the clouds in the sky and see different shapes that resembled things you’ve seen before? This was that moment with a rock, it actually looked like someone set it up that way and if that’s the case, its pretty creative. 


Its hard to explain, its better if you saw some video yourself of what I am talking about.


Once we went by Turtle rock we came upon a section where it looked like they were getting ready to have a wedding, G has the pic on that. We were pressed for time because right after we were heading to my mom and step dads for a bbq. We headed back into the doc and these are the last two pics I’ll share as I conclude this post. It was fun and we look forward to going back out again Lord willing.