No matter what happens life continues forward. What is it’s destination? The return of Jesus. Kind of makes you think about the times just before the flood. Things happening here and there morality decaying more and more every second then all of a sudden… a #raindrop. This earth was here before God said let us create man in our image. It belongs to God. He spoke all of us into existence where as we human beings we have to physically do a,b,c to create something.

Best advice I can give… Love God and of your own freewill do what he asks you to. Go after him with all you got. Receive his son Jesus as your Lord and savior and this way you can boldly pray to our heavenly father #God and actually have your prayers heard and answered. Luke 10:9 shows us God speaking “this is my son whom, I love listen to him.  You don’t have to go deep to have faith and think “I believe that”.

Love yourself, treat yourself with great respect and massive dignity. I say the way a lot of people take care of their dogs and cats in America where they give them the best of the best. Do that for yourself. Then you will have an example of how to love your neighbor… you can love him or her as yourself.