It’s March 21st, 2020. We continue to push forward through the Pandemic. From my window, I am beginning to see the same people walking, walking their dogs, running, and riding their bikes to pass the time. In the news, I’ve read supplies are running low for the Covid-19 testing. Kits are low on a key ingredient, pray for that. 

I was able to begin planting veggies in the garden today. I bought covers that go over the soil to try to keep the weeds away but I see I may have to remove them.

I went to a home improvement store to get more garden stuff. On the way, I saw the aftermath of a car accident. I was at a red light and the emergency response professionals we’re working diligently to help the injured. I said a prayer for them. I soon arrived at the store and I put my N95 mask on to be safe and headed to the store, I saw many people didn’t have a mask on especially the employees. I felt like the oddball, was I overthinking the whole safety thing? Maybe there is a shortage of masks. 

While looking for veggie seeds I heard someone cough. I thought… be cool don’t overreact but make sure things cool. As I moved around the selection of the seed I saw an older couple doing some shopping as well, they seem to be doing alright. Next thing you know another shopper closer in proximity coughed, I casually moved away from what I thought was ground zero. I ended up getting a small grape plant and some mesclun gourmet Greens mixture. I headed to the outside section of the store and I noticed the fence was locked. Over the intercom, I heard code 3 to the register and I turned around and headed to the customer service desk. I began to think what’s going on, I better not be stuck in here. Ahh, false alarm.  I saw a couple of people with masks on and that was somewhat reassuring that I wasn’t overreacting to the whole safety thing. I made it back home and went walking around the block with G. I was tired from garden work but managed to get in a game of monopoly with G. We didn’t finish the game because I wanted to go to sleep but I’ll share with you she was buying up everything. #winning #meh

Stay safe out there.

SteDoCli out.