Sometimes I get the idea I am a guard on a tower and I must stand my post. The enemy is knocking at the gate saying “open the gate please, you can let me in”. I must stand, don’t open the gate. He wants to kill, steal, and destroy. #ouradversary #heis #satan

When you’re reborn you realize there is a right and a wrong and naturally, it is the wrong you want to do, can do, and often times do. I’m having a Paul moment, you know a Romans 7: 15-25 moment. As we grow in the Lord and rely on his strength we step into a new kind of ability. We are able to deny ourselves of things we naturally want to do that are not right in God’s sight. How? Through Jesus. Many times we do fall short but we have an advocate who intercedes for us before God. How is our sin paid for? The blood of Jesus. Our goal, strive to live a holy life because God is holy. This life is prep for the next life. #eternallife #prepper

I often see I am not perfect, I sin. I repent and I am working to try to continually grow. This is why I continually need Jesus. #itsnoteasy

Some of us are wondering in the desert and its been 40 plus years

There’s always a lesson to be learned in life. The Lord teaches us we should strive for holiness like he is holy. We’re on a journey like the children of Israel when they were in the desert being led to the promised land. If we do things the way the Lord wants us we get out of the desert. If we don’t we play in the desert till we learn and grow.

I realize I can’t earn my way to heaven, I can’t pay my way to heaven with any amount of money. No good deeds can secure me passage into heaven and the new earth that will soon come, only faith in Jesus. I see the reason why I needed Jesus, I couldn’t stand before God. I am unable to follow the law, #breakonebreakthemall

I am not religious, I am a sinner. I am not proud when I see myself as the Lord shows me #enterhumility

Trying not to be like the world

There is a thing called influence. The world will either influence you, you’ll influence it, or you end up on two different roads. In terms of numbers, the minority align with the straight and narrow path that is taught in Matthew 7:14 and that route is the better of the two. God’s way is better than the world’s way. 

I do what I do not want to do.

That inner war continues to rage on. When you stop yourself from doing wrong there is an inner conflict. When Jesus comes back that conflict will be over and salvation will finally arrive. Until then like many, I have to stay on my guard against self. 

A different kind of righteousness 

I have learned I am righteous through faith in Jesus alone. This is awesome! I will never forget. I am forever thankful for Jesus because of what he did for me, for mankind. He gave his life for those who believe in him. Past, present, and future. #freewill

God loves you, he loves the world.

How do we know this? He sacrificed his son so that we could have a relationship with him. This is that next level stuff. #goodnews

Stay tuned.

SteDoCli out.