In this post I’m going to talk about the Timex Weekender.  I was looking at an article on titled Cheap Thrills: Timex weakeneder Review. Ripley and company are all about watches, you can learn more about them here. They talk about about Rolex and several other brands of watches,  actually they’re an online store that buys and sells. The article I mentioned caught my attention because I own a couple of Timex watches, not on the high end watch yet. I’m fairly new to the watch game which is cool.

When it comes to choosing between analog and digital I think I like analog a lot more.  I do have a couple of digital watches though, I’m looking forward to getting my 1st official watch. I think it will be a Samsung smart watch but will have to keep an eye out. I purchased my Timex watch from Amazon. It came with a leather band and I learned rather quick you don’t take showers with leather band watches lol. A cool feature of the Timex brand is the interchangeable watch bands.  I’m a fan of leather over straps.

The one I am planning to add to my collection the TWG found below.

The cool thing about quality watches is they can be passed on to the next generation, whether they’re a Rolex or a Timex.  I’ve heard of stories where grandfathers/grandmothers, fathers/mothers, pass down their history filled time pieces and they’re good conversation pieces. That’s a pretty cool tradition to continue or start in your family. I bet some people have armies of watches like many other things people like to collect. I will keep you guys posted on when I get the TWG. Fascinating thing also is we’re in a day and time where we can rent just about anything even a Rolex. If you’re a true fan of Rolex and you like Ice blue consider this one of a kind time piece: