There is indeed a challenge to getting debt free but I am bent on conquest in getting debt free. Enter the side hustle.

If I would have known…. I bet you can think of plenty of things you would have done different if you would have known. Yeah I went to college thinking getting a loan was apart of the process since my mom and step dad and I couldn’t afford to pay out of pocket. You hear about kids who’s parents pay the entire tab, you know they put money aside when he child was born or before the child was born. That didn’t happen for me but that’s ok, God has another plan in store and like many of us He will help us get out of the jams we either fall into or get ourselves into.

I didn’t understand the long term consequences of getting a student loan and that you would have to pay them back and they’ll never go away and this and that and everything you’ve heard about them that is true. If I would’a known then what I know now I wouldn’t be in debt and I bet I’d be doing even better. When I graduated from high school I was working for Pizza Hut delivering pizzas. It was a smooth gig, Got a base, plus tips, and gas. That was back then and now the reality is that$70,000 student loan didn’t disappear like I hoped.

My plan to get debt free asap but there has to be a plan in place. Getting debt free tomorrow is like trying to play the lottery and hit it big tomorrow. It just doesn’t happen overnight for everyone but we can be strategic. I started this blog as a result and look to monetize it and sell a couple of things. I think with my music is another way I am going to work to try to get debt free. My plan is to join beatstars  for 3 months which would totals $44.97.

I am also going to have to copyright the music I create with the library of congress and that will probably run about 44-50. My goal is to sell each track for $30 and if someone wants to buy out the track we will work out a deal. I don’t know how it’s going to go but I think the first step is creating some music. To be continued…