The plan to reach my goal of being debt free starts with a vision. I envision myself making that final payment to greatlakes  so I can move on with me life. Don’t we all say if I woulda known I would have done something different, yep. So I’m really motivated to make that happen and its gonna take building up some momentum and team work. I was thinking of things I’ve seen on Youtube of other people making money and I am motivated to try as well. 

Here are some things SteDoCli is going to try to do:


Become and Amazon Affiliate. Yep when you shop if you go through my store you’d help me out in a big way.

Monetize my website. Yep that would be another great way to put this website and these words I am typing to work.

Create an app: so I have several app ideas I’ve written down. Now to fund them, I have developers who can build. Its just a matter of being able to pay them and being able to market the app onces its created on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Sell web hosting plans and domain names

Videos on YouTube. I am going to create a channel but I must be methodical about posting. These videos will be me trying out games and giving reviews of things like have

Write a ebook or book of quotes.

So there are things I am doing now that help me curb my spending while I look for ways to generate more income. These are some topics I am going to talk about soon. #steady


Cutting my own hair

Not eating out much, Aldi, coupons, are my friend.

Seeing one movie less at the theatres

Do product reviews of things people like and things I like… merge the two : )

Record myself Game some (cities skylines is pretty cool)

Create and sell music some

Create and sell cool things

Travel some and take pics