It’s Thursday, March 19th, and I am seeing so many things happening in the news about the Corona Virus aka Covid-19. I just finished talking to my mom but haven’t seen her since before we left for Peurto Rico. She’s doing ok and stocked up as best from what she has told me. She just finished one part of doing her laundry. She talked about how the younglings are walking around in groups not listening to recommendations of social distancing. I hope they see real soon this situation is real. I saw something on the cruise ships still operating, I hope no one on them gets sick.

I mentioned to mom to consider planting some things in a garden just in case and she didn’t just blow it off…cool. I trust in the Lord and pray for the Leaders that are in place that they will call upon the Lord to help them, help us get through this. Hopefully more to report later. 

SteDoCli out