Video is a common tool many people and business are using to further promote their brand, business, or talk about whatever. How do I know? Lets visit: YouTube, there you have it. Billions andvideo-is-coming-to-ste-do-cli billions of views speak volumes on the tool of video and its a cool way to interact with people especially if you go live. SteDoCli is thinking heavily about using video, now its time to “Do”. We have some tools at our disposal and we’re going to go for it. I have created a Youtube Channel, please subscribe.

Minimalism, Is it Possible And Effective?

Like many beginners I am at that Noob level where I wear multiple hats in the game but I’m not one to back down to the challenge of creating a video or several depending on how you guys like it. I see guys like Marques Brownlee and Casey Neistat with millions of followers and over time their productions are simple yet effective. I like simple yet effective because it generally cuts down on editing time

Here’s a “If, Then” scenario for you

I will commit to creating and uploading three videos and if I can garner over 1,000 views by July 23rd  (My Birthday woot!) and gain 100 subscribers I will continue to produce more videos. At this point being were in July I don’t have a lot of content on my website so when the video picks up more I will look to use both staples to distribute content. I really want it to work so I will study the channels of Neal Patel, Ana Hoffman, Yuya, Jenna Marbles and several others and develop a formula to grow the brand.

Music! I will need music

Oh cool that’s something I am passionate about so I will get right to work. I will create a music track that has a movie score like feel (Shout out to Hanz Zimmer and  John Williams), one hip hop like, and the third we’ll see. I will upload one for you to download for free, maybe you can use it as your ringtone.

There’s a lot to do so

If I miss something please let me know, producing 3 simple yet quality videos will take a little time but I look to make you proud. On this Friday (4/26/2019) I will put out my first video, please leave me some feedback on ways to make it better if you see any.