Have you gone along life and saw somewhere or thought what is the meaning of life? That’s probably one of man’s greatest philosophical questions. Some would say it depends on who you ask and that is a fair statement. We go to school, grow up, be social, stay single, get married, travel, start businesses, watch movies, make money, get in debt, read books, go to concerts, volunteer our time to help others, watch sports, go to comic-cons, play video games, spend time with friends and family, fight in wars, take life, save life, broker peace, raise a child or children, and several other human actives. Is that what life is about?

I would wager life is about that and more. Let’s explore wisdom some, this will be a space for it. Be sure to subscribe check back often, you’re gonna learn something cool. Have you ever heard of Ecclesiastes? It’s a book in the bible written by Solomon that has a lot of insightful wisdom and can provide an answer to the question in the first paragraph many people may be thinking about. May this post transform your thinking for the better and provide understanding, peace, and helpful insight. I am reading from the Concordant Literal Version of the bible, you can find it here at scripture4all.org. Smartphones have to download pdfs.

Let’s check it out, we’re going to start at chapter three  of Ecclesiastes from verse 1 to 15.

  1. For everything there is a stated time, And a season for every event under the heavens:
  2. A season to give birth and a season to die; A season to plant and a season to chop down what is planted,
  3. A season to kill and a season to heal; A season to breach and a season to build;
  4. A season to weep and a season to make merry; A season of wailing- and a season of dancing;
  5. A season to fling away stones and a season to collect stones together; A season to embrace and a season to stay far from embracing;
  6. A season to seek and a season to count as lost; A season to keep and a season to fling away;
  7. A season to tear and a season to sew; A season to hush and a season to speak;
  8. A season to love and a season to hate; A season of war and a season of peace.
  9. What advantage does the worker have in what he is toiling?
  10. I see the experience that Elohim gives To the sons of humanity to humble them by it.
  11. He has made everything lovely in its season; Moreover, He has put obscurity in their heart So that the man may not find out His work, That which the One, Elohim, does from the beginning + to the terminus.
  12. I know that there is no good for them But if to rejoice and to achieve good in one’s life;
  13. And, moreover, anyone of humanity, That he should eat and drink and see good from all his toil, It is a gift of Elohim.
  14. I know that whatever the One, Elohim, is doing, It shall be for the eon; Onto it there can be nothing to add, And from it there can be nothing to subtract; The One, Elohim, He does it that they may fear before Him.
  15. What? which he is already he and which to become of already he was, and the Elohim he shall seek one being pursued

I will pause there as there is plenty of more to read. If you are compelled to read further please do so. I invite you to look at the difference between the polished/interpreted text 1-14 and verse 15. In translation some of what we read in English is different from the original Hebrew Text. Verse 15 is read like verbatim English which is why it looks different than the other verses. This is a lot to take in but the verses give you an idea there is a season for everything. This was written long ago but still has value today, the difference between the time this was written and now is God did something that greatly benefits all of humanity as well as his chosen people the Jews.

God created life in such a way that we have free will to do, think, believe what we want of our own accord. Elohim has made a relationship readily available with all of humanity exclusively through Jesus. John 14:6. In the beginning God lived on earth, Genesis 1 and Elohim (God) is coming back to live on earth for good. To say He is coming back means he moved and that location from what the bible teaches is heaven.  Ever wonder why water and oil cannot mix? Science, in the same fashion Holy and unholy can not (mix) exist together according to the word.

Why am I unholy?

It’s no fault of your own that we all are unholy but because we all come from Adam and Eve, the first people on earth we are all connected and tied to the sinful nature. You may be the very best human possible but you still fall short. Only God is holy and we are unholy and we can not stand before holiness. I’m not making this up, I gain nothing from doing so. When he comes back he will cleanse the earth with fire, a reformatting of the earth. Everything will be made new. Revelations 21,  And I perceived a new heaven and a new earth, for the former heaven and the former earth pass away, and the sea is not more.

Elohim is going to reign on earth in all sovereignty as God and we’ll see angels, his sons and daughters, How do you become a son or daughter? Believe in Jesus. The word teaches there are none righteous, no not even one. Romans 3:10 thus we need Jesus. Because he gave his life for our sins we are forgiven. All of humanity gets to decide in their free will do they want to be apart of his new kingdom on earth or not. Do you want to be apart?

Tips: Love God with all of your heart, soul, strength, mind and love your neighbor as yourself. These are the two greatest commandments.