When I saw this Ford Video I thought of Amazon. Here’s why… First let’s get you caught up to speed by checking out the video…

Enter Autonomy

Amazon is looking for all kinds of ways to cut costs remaining profitable. If I am not mistaken at one point in the past they relied on 3rd party (FED-EX, UPS, USPS, DHL) delivery services to get their packages to their customers. Fast forward to 5/23/2019 and they are running their own delivery operations (planes, trucks, vans, etc) and working hard at becoming a competitor in the delivery space. Have you seen an amazon delivery vans out on the streets? To me it seems like they have more vehicles out the streets than the USPS.

The Ford video which was done to show how an autonomous vehicle can work with an autonomous robot is a glimpse into the very near future. If and when this kind of system goes online officially I can see Amazon adapting it soon if they don’t already have a DL program in the works. What would it mean for people? Less people are in the equation which can save money and bump up their bottom line. What would you do as CEO?