Has life moved so fast that you though to yourself “where does the time go?” That’s a good question. Just yesterday you were in high school, on summer vacation, gradating from college, ste-do-cli-where-does-the-time-goraising your child(ren). Time has a destiny and that is to run out. We can’t control time even when we try our best but we can manage our time. Salute to those who are good time managers because they’re able to get things done in a timely manner.

What to do with time

Use your time to benefit yourself and others, it’s going to come and go. You’re only 20 once. With his time Jesus started a ministry to fulfill his purpose and rescue humanity from doom. Yes you have to make a personal decision to place your faith in Jesus, that’s why he came… to give you that option and ability. He could have decided to do anything he wanted to but he fulfilled his Father’s mission of his own free will.

While you’re living it would be a great investment of time to learn about Jesus. Why? He wasn’t just some person who lived, he lived with a purpose which was giving humanity (you and me) the opportunity to have a relationship with God. What if we don’t want a relationship with God? In free will we can choose not to have one but note this… Soon God is going to send Jesus back to prepare the way for Him to live on earth. If He is here and we’re to be here too we must conform to his reign, his rules. Earth is his footstool and when he sees fit earth as we know it will never be the same. It will be new and better, get ready. (Mattthew 24 CLV).

One minute you’re young then you’re older

When we were in our youth some of us felt invincible, that is until something happened that showed us we weren’t. As time goes on we see the true extent of our ability against the test of time. When we were 20 years old we could stay up late and run far. If and when we turn 70 many wont stay up late and run much at all though the exercise part has benefit.

Can I get that hour back?

Have you ever wished you could do something over or think if I could do something different in my past I would… a,b,c? That shows you we don’t control time, once it’s in the past it’s archived and all we can do is prepare for today and tomorrow. Do good with your time because everything we do in this time determines where we spend eternity, when time is no longer.