In this post I will share with you the why I believe in Jesus.  Life is what it is until you discover there is more to it. I started life back in the south Bronx, New York many years ago. Along life’s journey I have learned I like to do things that are morally wrong, sometimes by accident and many times on purpose. I have discovered the wrong I do is sin. Am I the only one that sins? I see I am not.
The world says do what you like, I see doing what I like is contrary to what God likes. That was in issue before I put my faith in Jesus. Because I believe in Jesus I am living a better life than I could on my own. In God’s eyes because of Jesus I am seen as righteous, that is major! On my journey I have learned all people have sinned and are wanting the glory of God. Romans 3:23. How? Because of our ancestors Adam and Eve. What does that mean? We’re all cut from the same cloth. I haven’t killed anyone, I try to be a nice person yet I still fell short.
I learned I was an adversary of God, doing things I wanted to in my natural self. It is written The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. Romans 8:7 and before I put my faith in Jesus I was hostile to God. It’s natural to be hostile toward creations creator, it’s what humanity does well.
If you’ve taken science or look on the internet you’ll learn there is a law we all live by whether we want to or not. This law is called gravity. You may not believe in gravity but if you jump from a bridge gravity gets you down to the ground fast. Just because I may not believe in gravity does not mean it will not exercise its hold on my physical body.
My purpose on talking about gravity is to highlight to you God created gravity when He created the earth. Everything on earth and in the universe was, is and will be created by God. Look at Genesis chapter one and Revelations 21:1.
It is probable everyone believes in something. I’ve learned God gives everyone freewill to believe in what they decide. I also learned that God loved the entire world so much he sent his son to die on the cross for the sins of the world. Why? That whoever would believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life. Does that mean we live forever? This is a yes and no answer. There are two deaths, the first death where people die. There is a second death everyone will experience if they don’t believe in Jesus. WHY??!!???

The Earth belongs to Godearth

Before He created humanity Yahweh created and existed on earth, we learn from the bible He is holy. Sin cannot stand before holiness, this is that next level stuff but you can handle it. In the beginning God walked on earth but when Adam and Eve sinned that changed how things were. God is coming back to earth soon to claim what is His. When he does people will experience the second death who do not believe in Jesus.

God is giving everyone a second chance but only through Jesus

How has God given a second chance to everyone? Through Jesus. How? When Jesus died on the cross his blood atoned for the sins of all who put their faith in him. If you confess with your mouth Jesus is your Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead you’re saved. We learn that valuable lesson from Romans 10:9.
The important question i’d like to ask you is where do you want to spend eternity? God is coming back to create a new heaven and earth and exist with mankind on earth. He will take by force what is His and we as His creation have two options. Believe in his son or not. I want to live in the new heaven and earth, I think you would like too also.

The benefits of Believing in Jesus

There are many benefits to believing in Jesus both as a Jewish person and a gentile person. As a gentile you become an adopted son/daughter of God. How so?
It is written: Wherefore, remember that once you, the nations in flesh who are termed “Uncircumcision” by those termed “Circumcision,” in flesh, made by hands—
that you were, in that era, apart from Christ, being alienated from the citizenship of Israel, and guests of the promise covenants, having no expectation, and without God in the world.
Yet now, in Christ Jesus, you, who once are far off, are become near by the blood of Christ.
For He is our Peace, Who makes both one, and razes the central wall of the barrier
(the enmity in His flesh), nullifying the law of precepts in decrees, that He should be creating the two, in Himself, into one new humanity, making peace;
and should be reconciling both in one body to God through the cross, killing the enmity in it.
The bible teaches us that God’s chosen people are the Jewish race. For a time this meant they were an exclusive race treasured by El. Be sure to visit Jeremiah 32:38 for reference. This next bit of info is good news to hear, because Jesus died on the cross for those who believe in him we are apart of his eternal family. It is written for God so loved the world… John 3:16
It is so cool to be God’s chosen people and it is something really special to be adopted sons and daughters of God through Jesus. It is written “Jesus is saying to him, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. Not one is coming to the Father except through Me.” This happens because God wanted it to happen before time began. I want to be with our heavenly Father.
That means you become royalty if you believe in Jesus. In preparing to be royalty we learn to be holy and manage ourselves with the freedom we’re given through Jesus. Are we still sinners? Yes but we learn to flatten the curve of sin. We still have a sinful nature and we have to intentionally deny those natural desires to do wrong. Why? The same reason we wanted to get good grades in school, to make our heavenly Father proud of us and say “well done…”
What are examples of sin? Adultery, lying, stealing, murder, lusting in your heart, saying God’s name in vain, dishonoring your parents, unnatural sexual relations, and so much more. By God’s standard these and many other acts are morally wrong. It’s easier to believe in Jesus than to try and keep the whole law. Why? If you break one law you break them all says James 2:10.
As a son or daughter of God you must note there will come learning and discipline. Do you remember when you did something against your parent(s)/guardians wishes and you found yourself on punishment? It is written our heavenly Father disciplines those He loves. Hebrews 12:6
A sobering reality is everyone wont believe in Jesus. I understand they are exercising their free will. It is written for many are called yet few are chosen. Matthew 22:14. An interesting fact you’ll learn is God chooses us, we don’t choose him. John 15:16 #thoughtprovoking
If you’re a believer in Jesus you have an advocate in heaven who intercedes on your behalf.

Two important things to Do

It is written to love God with all your heart, mind, strength. This is the first greatest commandment. The second greatest commandment is like it which is to love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:36
Who is your neighbor? Look up in Merriam Webster the term “neighbor”. Better yet here is the definition courtesy of Merriam Webster: one living or located near another (Neighbor). Who do you live next to? Is it someone of a different race, culture, or language? They are your neighbor.

The why

Growing up I’ve been through a lot. I lived with my grandmother growing up. I lived in foster care, boarding school, and I can say after finding Jesus I have found peace. Knowing I have an advocate who is vouching for me against my enemy is a great relief. When Satan presents his case he presents facts based on things we’ve actually done wrong. If I tried to plead my case before God I would be guilty of sin and my verdict would be separation from God. I am forever thankful for Jesus and I will give it my all to stand. Ephesians 6:13
Do you want to put your faith in Jesus? I would be humbled and honored to lead you in that process, I want to see everyone saved. msg me on facebook.
Think about it… no more sickness, death, and disease. These are also the whys.