I think emotions are volatile because they are always changing and ultimately we cannot control them. Emotions can be influenced, manipulated, hurt, and probably a couple of other things you can think of. One minute I am happy and the next minute I’m angry and figuring out a way to manage my feelings.

Have you ever had a day where something good happened and something bad happened in the same day? You bought a car or house and then is lost value. You had a child and then a,b,c happened or a loved one passed away. How you ever thought “How that happen?” Let’s think of an a possible example. Let’s say you just received your tax refund and all of a sudden there’s a need like having to go get a new car or you have to pay for your child’s a,b,c whatever that is.

You felt (good|secure|motivated) because you were getting ahead and you’re thinking “great, I have a little (cash | savings) in the bank” and then all of a sudden you have to spend those savings to cover some seen or unforeseen expense and now you feel (angry|fine|uncertain | meh ).


Emotions can be influenced

Have you ever (read|seen|heard) something in the news that caused you to think different about someone or something? Think of someone famous, a CEO somewhere, an athlete, musician, artist, or a public servant who represents you. You learn about the person’s story and something in you decides to support that person whatever that looks like.

Imagine for a moment you are a fan of an actress or actor. Let’s say you go to the movies and see an actor or actress you never heard of and by the end of the movie you feel you connected with that person and now you like that person. Time goes by and you see that person in another movie and you like them even more and then you become a fan. You’ve decided in your mind to elevate them, they’re about the community, they’ve done a, b, and c and in your mind at that moment in time they can do no wrong.

Fast forward life a little and now you follow that (person | family) on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and where ever you can find them. Let’s focus for a second on your favorite musician. Something about their music connects with you and you “love” just about whatever comes out of their mouth.

Then all of a sudden… Breaking News… this just in.

To be continued…