As businesses are opening back up and people are venturing out into the public space you’ll notice many people are not wearing masks. This is a good reason why wearing a mask in public can save your life during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Someone can call it people exercising their individualism but one has to think at what cost. What about the people sharing the space?

We do not know who around us has COVID-19 and who does not and like many in the medical field say it’s good to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. I don’t want you and others getting COVID-19 and possibly dying because of it. That’s the reason for this post. Wear a mask when you’re around other people because you just dont know. #safetyfirst  #weareinapandemic

Article that talks about how spacing/ventilation spread virus in Wuhan (Click Here)  

I went to blaze pizza where I saw all the employees wearing safety masks but some customers were coming in without masks and not practicing social distancing. There was a lady behind me who wasn’t wearing a mask and didn’t practice social distancing. I thought about the circulation of the space and how the doors were closed. If anyone had the virus and coughed I wondered would the units circulate the air and spread the virus? A good solution is having the doors open so the outside air can come in.

There were a couple of other people in the store who didn’t have masks on, I hope they’ll be alright. I think it should be required that if you’re in a closed space you have to wear a mask, and the doors should be open to allow fresh air in. This takes everyone’s health into consideration in the space. This is a solution that can flatten the curve more, just my thoughts. 

Here is another Article from Reuters that supports wearing a mask for your safety. Article Here